At Xiesheng Bike we dream about bikes. We dream about people riding bikes: riding to work, riding to school, riding bikes to the grocery store, concerts, sporting events, coffee shops and grandma’s house, too.  We also dream about the day when all cities and towns are safe and convenient places for cyclists.

The reasons that we love riding and want others to share the love are as numerous as our pedal strokes. The sport of cycling thrills us; but, for us it’s equally thrilling to unlock the potential of the bicycle as a simple and efficient means of transportation. Riding in place of driving reduces air and noise pollution. It boosts endorphins and clears the head. Riding strengthens the cardiovascular system, gives you good strong legs, and burns extra calories, to boot. Besides all that, it’s a whole heck of a lot of fun.

Xiesheng Bike was born from the heart of cyclists and our goal is to create innovative products that make it easier and safer for people to ride bicycles. The products we design are rooted in this dream. Riding through day, night, heat, cold, rain and snow helps us come up with products that make sense, work, and are practical.

Just as we are conscious of the way cycling affects people and the environment, we are also aware of the impact that our products have on them. We’re sensitive to the lifecycle of our products. We pay keen attention to everything from ensuring a fair wage for factory workers, designing products to be both durable and fixable, minimizing packaging and using recyclable materials whenever, wherever we can.

Gandhi said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” To be that change, we feel that we need to do more than just create products that make it easier for people to bike. That’s why we donate time, resources, and profits to causes that promote bicycle use. We want to take part in a transportation revolution and hopefully inspire other companies and individuals to join us.

So let’s all ride our bikes and take care of ourselves and the planet we live on a little better. That’s really what we’re all about